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Aotearoa, New Zealand

Welcome to Sealective

Sustainably caught, fresh and tasty Kaimoana.  


Our Kaimoana

SEALECTIVE offers locals a number of hand gathered species like the beautiful melt in your mouth Butterfish also known as Greenbone. The Taonga (treasure) of NZ Paua, plus the spiky yet tasty and creamy crustation Kina coming direct from Coast to Plate.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At SEALECTIVE we are committed to doing our bit to save the planet which is why we only use sustainable packaging to ship our kaimoana to your door.

From coast to plate

We have recently been successful in gaining a Special Permit while working with Local Iwis and MPI to be able to now harvest with a new method Spearfishing. This can only be done on breath hold NOT SCUBA so it means we only spear the fish we can see also making it the most selective and most sustainable way with zero bycatch. With the divers targeting the bigger fish it also means we leave more fish in the water which again is better for the environment and replenishment of stocks.


Sustainably caught

At SEALECTIVE we believe that with this new and exciting adventure we can hand gather seafood in such a sustainable and the most SEALECTIVE way we are then able to supply locals direct with no middleman costs the freshest seafood knowing its been landed respectfully and sustainably. At SEALECTIVE its all about Locals feeding Locals.


What our customers say