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Hand Speared Butterfish (whole)

Hand Speared Butterfish (whole)

$ 30.00


Butterfish, also known as Greenbone (Odax pullus) is definitely an underrated mouth watering melt in your mouth, delicate, buttery flavour fish. Feasting on kelp and seaweed they are found in the shallow waters around some of New Zealand’s coasts, rarely found past depths of 18 meters. Harvesting from 750 grams to over 1.5kg at times, these beautiful coloured on the outside yet white flaked fish truly are a treat.

High in Protein with good Omega-3 levels can be enjoyed baked, pan-fried or poached in milk with a dollop of butter plus a sprinkle of salt and pepper to taste. At Sealective we hand spear these fish to order and respect the fish by killing with the Iki jime method (sharp spike too the brain) then place the fish in ice cold salt water slurry to keep them perfect for you to enjoy.


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